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Grid of World Land Area Maps in 48 Projections with Graticule

This design consists of a 8x6 grid of 48 different map projections of earth's landmass printed in black with a gray graticule overlay. The included map projections are listed below: * Azimuthal Equidistant * Airy * Aitoff * Boggs Eumorphic * Bonne (Werner lat_1=90) * Cassini * Equal Area Cylindrical * Eckert I * Eckert II * Eckert III * Eckert IV * Eckert V * Eckert VI * Equidistant Cylindrical (Plate Caree) * Gall (Gall Stereographic) * Geocentric * Gilbert Two World Perspective * General Sinusoidal Series * Kavraisky VII * Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area * Lambert Equal Area Conic * Lat/long (Geodetic) * Loximuthal * McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Sinusoidal * Mercator * Miller Cylindrical * Mollweide * Natural Earth * Natural Earth 2 * Nell-Hammer * Oblique Cylindrical Equal Area * Polyconic (American) * Putnins P1 * Robinson * Sinusoidal (Sanson-Flamsteed) * Transverse Cylindrical Equal Area * Times * van der Grinten III * Wagner I (Kavraisky VI) * Wagner II * Wagner III * Wagner IV * Wagner V * Wagner VI * Wagner VII * Winkel I * Winkel II * Winkel Tripel The full design is displayed on posters. The design is clipped on some products such as mugs, phone wallets or throw pillows so it fits them well, but doesn't show all 48 projections. The maps were created from the Land polygons with major islands shapefile from "Natural Earth":

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