• CO2 emissions (metric tons per capita)

    Information on choropleth maps showing the Carbon dioxide emissions in metric tons per capita for the world's countries from 1960 to 2014.

  • Forest Area Percentage of Land Area

    Information on choropleth maps showing the forest area percentage of land area for the world's countries from 1990 to 2016 based on data from the Food and Agriculture Organization.

  • Where in the World Happen Most Murders

    A series of maps of the world showing where in the world the least and the most murders happen for the years 1995 to 2011.

  • Geo Maps Drawn from IP Locations

    Geographic maps of the world and most continents drawn based on an IP location dataset with 419433 records.

  • A Map of Bike Routes in Berlin, Germany

    The bike routes map for Berlin, Germany shows 14 different biking routes through and around the city. Created with OpenLayers, Open Street Map and data from Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt.

  • World Aid Flow, Transparency, Development

    An interactive visualization looking at world aid flow, aid transparency, and development in receiving countries created with the D3 JavaScript library.